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Are you here from the banner above?

OK, read on about how you can have your own web site for £100 per annum.
All you have to do is.... not much really!!

It seems everyone these days has a web site, or is "online" in some way shape or form, I know, I run Ruislip Online and another totally unrelated business and without my web site I doubt my business would actually exist.

So...are you in business and need a web site and have no idea what to do or where to start? Good. Because this is where I step in. 

(This offer is perfect for restaurants, café's, sandwich bars, dry cleaners, local tradesmen etc.
It is not suitable where you have frequent updates, e.g. car dealers, estate agents etc.)

Firstly have a look at a few I have written already, don't worry about leaving this page as the links should open new windows.

Firstly there is a Chinese take away in Ruislip , Mey Mey

Then a Local Driving School.

And a shop in South Ruislip , Dance Partners

There are others....but the list would get rather long!!

Now, look carefully at the web address for each of these businesses. There you will see they actually have a specific domain name, by example Mey Mey is www.meymey.co.uk. Having a domain looks so much more professional that "Find Us On Facebook" and some long-winded Facebook URL (or similar type of site).

SO....for £100 I buy you a domain name and write you a web site, all you provide, apart from money, is a few ideas of what to write, I then draft something up and you change what you want. Easy really.

If you want to discuss this further all you need to do is e-mail me at info@ruislip.co.uk and set the ball rolling. You will be dealing directly with me, Philip, the owner of Ruislip Online....lets just say Ruislip Online has been around since 1997 so I am going to be around for a while, and so, hopefully, will be your own web site.

I look forward to hearing from you, no obligation, if I can write it I will, if for some reason I do not think my service is for you I will tell you so.



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