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Looking for old friends, old friends looking for you? Well here is the place to do it!

Below are details of persons looking for old friends, be they neighbours, school friends or USAF/USN etc. All you have to do is compete this form for your entry below to appear.

These are entered manually any may take a few days to appear.



  • My Name:     Vera Clark
    My Location: USA
    email:      veraclark@hotmail.com
    Name:       Audrey Lycan (nee Martin), sister Pat Martin
    Date:       27/04/2011.
    Sisters lived on Durley Ave, Pinner.  Audrey married Bill Lycan in early '50s, they were back in England in late '50s n Germany in '60s.  Lost track around then, but have heard t'50s, hey divoced sometime in the '70s.

    Old running chums. We use to run around together, Pat mostly in early '50s and the Audrey and a friend Maurene Justis in late '50s.

    My Name:     Beryl Leggett
    My Location: New Hampshire USA
    email:      BBunker65@mygsc.com
    Name:        Paula Knight
    Date:       17/05/2011


    Paula Knight and others who went to Sacred Heart High School, Wealdstone (1951-1957)


    Old school chum.

    My Name:     Beryl Case Leggett
    My Location: USA
    email:      BBunker65@mygsc.com
    Name:       Jack and Bonnie Featherstone, and Rosemary Burroughs
    Date:       17/05/2011/

    Jack (John) Featherstone was stationed at So. Ruislip Airforce Base and he and Bonnie lived in Coniston Gardens, Eastcote.  Rosemary Burroughs and I were friends at Sacred Heart HS in Wealdstone and lived in Hayes.


    Old neighbours and an old school friend.

    My Name:     Chris Bocock
    My Location: Quorn, Leicestershire
    email:      chrsbocock@yahoo.co.uk
    Name:       Barry C Smith
    Date:       17/05/2011.

    I was at Loughborough College with Barry. He lived in Eastcote in the 1960s and his father had a scrap metal business. I'd like to inform him of a reunion we're having.

    My Name:     Alisha Bowell
    My Location: Watford
    email:      alishajb@hotmail.com
    Name:       Ron Ames
    Date:       16/06/2011.


    Looking for a Ron Ames from America who was based at South Ruislip between 1950-1953

    Trying to trace a family member

    My Name:     susan m wright
    My Location: usa
    email:      susywright51@gmail.com
    Name:       Irving Raymond King
    Date:       12/06/2011.


    Saw message for someone else looking for this man saying she was his daughter. I am also his daughter. Lived by the air base with my father brother and mother.Cannot connect to email this person would like to contact her


    I have also been trying to trace his family

    My Name:     Keith Woodman
    My Location: Chesham
    email:      keithwoodman96@yahoo.co.uk
    Name:       David Rollings, Sean Snoddy
    Date:       17/07/2011.



    old mates at school

    My Name:     Stephen Guy
    My Location: Manchester UK
    email:      chickiemeal@gmail.com
    Name:       Douglas Carey
    Date:       03/08/2011.

    Was stationed at Ruislip with the USAF certainly 1964/5,

    Known as D.

    Will now be approx 70 years of age.


    My Name:     Diane Lewis
    My Location: Gold Coast, Australia
    email:      weeble@onthenet.com.au
    Name:       Tina Prince
    Date:       22/09/2011.

    Looking for anyone who remembers me, particularly Tina Brown who went to Bourne and Tina Prince who went to St. Mary's. Also anyone from Newnham Junior School

    Old school friends from Bourne and Newnham

    My Name:     Rosemary Bradshaw
    My Location: Canterbury, UK
    email:      lcoach44@hotmail.com
    Name:       Peter Chipain + Sarah (Sally) Bradshaw
    Date:       17/10/2011.

    Peter was a Greek/American GI, possibly based at Ruislip circa 1944.
    Sarah (Sally) lived in Slough, Berks, and used to go to the base.

    My father and mother.

    My Name:     Gordon I McGrath
    My Location: Canada
    email:      waddellmakse72@gmail.com
    Name:       Audrey O Webb (maiden name), Paul Webb, and Peter Webb
    Date:       05/11/2011.
    Any relatives or friends who may know of Audrey and her brothers.

    I am a 91 yr old Canadian veteran WWII who had the privilege of knowing Miss Webb and her family who resided at 12 Acacia Ave. They have been remembered fondly and thought of daily for their kindness and generosity which regretfully, was never communicated so many years ago; for this, I remain greatly burdened with guilt and sadness. It would mean the world if some relative, friend, or acquaintance could let me know that my deepest apology and sincerest thank you was finally received before my passing. I simply was unable to communicate my feelings at the time and have lived in the deepest regret.

    My Name:     Hugh R Prior
    My Location: Port Vila Vanuatu
    email:      hugh5591@gmail.com 
    Name:       Bell, Cotton,
    Date:       15/01/2012.

    All friends of My Mother Lily (lilian) Prior Previously 18 Keswick Gardens

    Neighbours and Friends , Members Ninth Ruislip Scouts. To inform them of Lilian's Passing at 96Years

    My Name:     pete williams
    My Location: hayes, middlesex
    email:      p.williams2@mypostoffice.co.uk
    Name:       Andy Hicks
    Date:       29/01/2012.

    Anyone who remembers me from Contim Motors, south harrow


    old friend, lost contact when he got married, would like to tell him about my wife and children

    My Name:     Michael Latham
    My Location: Lincolnshire Uk
    email:      mick@latham-history.com
    Name:       Robert Walter Seeley
    Date:       10/02/2012.


    Also Rita Marie Seeley


    Searching for a neighbour, his sister and brother in law

    My Name:     Peter Green
    My Location: Norfolk, England
    email:      pdc.green@btopenworld.com
    Name:       Betty Roberts
    Date:       07/03/2012.

    Her father was stationed at USAF Ruislip and she returned to Colorado with her family in the mid 1960's. She had one brother.


    We met at the Court School of Dancing in Harrow, she was my first girlfriend and we corresponded for a while and lost contact when she moved back to the USA and I moved as well. Would like to make contact again to hear her news over the years or hear from anyone who knew the family.

    My Name:     Bryan Power
    My Location: Luton
    email:      discoduckmb@yahoo.com
    Name:       Pat Kennard. Jeane Bedford
    Date:       13/03/2012.



    My Name:     Richard "Rick" "Rich"  Silver
    My Location: USA
    email:      richvegas@cox.net
    Name:       James Sivertson, Bill Hoffard, Shirley Turner
    Date:       03/24/2011.


    Back in contact

    My Name:     Verity
    My Location: Reykjavik
    email:      veritysharp@gmail.com
    Name:       Darrell / Daryl
    Date:       28/04/2012.


    I am trying to search for my Grandfather who was stationed at Bushy Park and perhaps Ruislip. My mother was born in June 1953. All we know about Darrell was that he had dark hair and olive skin, he was rather short and loved to laugh a lot. He would have been aged 19-21 in 1952. Any information would be appreciated  as we are desperate to know about this unknown part of our heritage. My grandmother, Shirley was 16 at the time. She tells me she used to meet Daryl often in the bar the Crown in Kingston.

    My Name:     William Lucas
    My Location: Hillingdon
    email:      williaml42@hotmail.co.uk
    Name:       David Ray Forsythe
    Date:       17/5/2012./
    Service friends of David Ray Forsythe 1966 USAF Ruislip 

    photos if possible

    My Name:     Charles Thain
    My Location: Worthing West Sussex
    email:      charles@cthain.wanadoo.co.uk
    Name:       Freddie McDermott
    Date:       19/08/2012.

    Information: Also
    Barbara Butcher, Mavis Underwood. Susan Bentley

    old school friends


    My Name:     Gary Odell
    My Location: Princes Risborough
    email:      garyjackyodell@msn.com
    Name:       carol bailey
    Date:       12/09/2012.

    Old friend


    My Name: Sue Ellis
    My Location: Littlehampton West Sussex
    email: lebohemme@hotmail.co.uk
    Name: Debbie Bedding or any body who knew me
    Date: 22/10/2012.

    Why: Would just like a chat, old times.

    My Name:     Pete Page
    My Location: Winchester
    email:      pagepeter@yahoo.co.uk
    Name:       Maureen Philips, Pat Norris, Ron Astley
    Date:       26/10/2012.
    Bourne School circa 1952 1958 via me for Dave, Steve, Brian, Dave Q, Stu Watson ,Doug T, Maggie, Edna (Eddy) Jackie Clarke,


    My Name: Marjorie Turner.
    My Location: Taranna, Tasmania, Australia.
    email: colarge@hotmail.com
    Name: John Roberts
    Date: 04/02/2013.

    John was a photographer and in the 1970's his father Ronald Edgar Roberts and mother Jesse were caretakers of the Winston Churchill Hall, Pinn Lane, Ruislip, UK.

    Relative, was living in North Wales, now in Australia.

    My Name: Keith Blanchard
    My Location: Llanerfyl, Welshpool
    email: keith@signalgraphic.co.uk

    Name: Diana (nee) Tilley (Bedfordshire) ( Diana Tilley )

    Date: 11/04/2013.

    Why: Ex Girlfriend

    My Name:     Ralph and Millie Melvin
    My Location: Ohio USA
    email:      handymanjd1@sbcglobal.net
    Name:        Nellie Muyldermans
    Date:       04/18/2013.
    Information: Trying to reach Muyldermans   Phil Forster Mrs Arrowsmith Linden Ave neighbours of number 85
    Why: Old friends with my parents

    My Name:     O Molinas
    My Location: Peterborough
    email:      omperso@hotmail.com
    Name:       Jacqueline Button, Eveline Button, John Button
    Date:       28/04/2013.
    Information: As much information possible on the Button family living on Evelyn Avenue in the early 1960s
    Why: Lost family branch

    My Name:     Frank Untch
    My Location: Oklahoma via Ohio
    email:      frankmeiling@yahoo.com
    Name:       Al Krohn (Big Al), Kirby Williams,Roger (from mail Squad).
    Date:       30/04/2013.
    Information: I was assigned to the Moterppol at West Ruislip, but pulled duty at the postal facility

    Why:  Guys I knew & worked  with at Ruislip

    My Name: Graham Leman
    My Location: Liverpool
    email: grahamfromsolo@hotmail.com
    Name: Jaquie Cowan
    Date: 13/05/2013.

    Information: Father Pete was in the RAF at Northolt late 1970's. She had an older brother.

    Why: Old friend and lost touch. It would be nice to find out what happened since we last met.

    My Name:     Lee Kennewell
    My Location: Buckinghamshire, UK
    email:      leekennewell@hotmail.co.uk
    Name:      Peter Smith, Carol Smith, David Smith, Thomas Smith
    Date:       30/07/2013.
    Why: Long lost uncle, auntie & cousins.

    My Name: Florence Collum
    My Location: Perth Western Australia
    email: missdevine39@gmail.com
    Name: Peter Edward Wall
    Date: 17/08/2013.

    Information: Also Ronald Barnard, James Holland, Julia Bares, Corazan Owen

    Why:  Old school friends from Ruislip Manor Secondary School 1951-3

    My Name: Dorian Wild
    My Location: Sydney, Australia
    email: dcwild@optusnet.com.au
    Name: Douglas Charles, Martin Gunn, Gerald Runciman
    Date: 23/08/2013.

    Information: Doug Charles was a great mate, Martin Gunn lived next door in Cornwall Road, Gerald Runciman was a friend from Lady Bankes Primary.

    Why: Just curious

    My Name: Steven Nemerow
    My Location: San Antonio, Texas
    email: snemerow@gmail.com
    Name: Peter Fagone
    Date: 09/07/2013.

    Information: Anyone who was in the Photo Lab at South Ruislip Air Station in the early 1970s. I lived in Ruislip Manor on Victoria, above the shops. I sure do miss those good old days!

    Why: He worked with me.

    My Name: Andrea Ruff Pasztor
    My Location: Gainesville,Fl, USA
    email: a.pasztor@yahoo.com
    Name: Hiller Family: Norman Hillier ,Elliott Hillier plus 2 more
    Date: 09/09/2013.

    Information: We lived in 30 Angus Drive house - S. Ruislip, 1952-1957.

    Why: The local Hiller Family and us we became very close friends. They lived a few houses down, close to the "Dakota Rest" house. Mr.Ruff was one of the American Red Cross representatives attached to the US Air Force Base.

  • My Name: Jil Terry
    My Location: London
    email: j.terezanski@gmail.com
    Name: Gillian Tomlinson
    Date: 19/10/2013.

    Why: Old school friend


    My Name:     Raymond Dean
    My Location: Reading (Berkshire)
    email:      raydean1950@talktalk.net
    Name:       Alison Beswick
    Date:       20/10/2013.
    Why: Ex work colleague from the laboratory of M.L.Alkan Ltd. (Stonefield Way, Sth. Ruislip).
    Would love to hear from her again and know how she is these days.


    My Name: Faye Thornton
    My Location: Melbourne Australia
    email: ft17548@gmail.com
    Name: Carole Anne Nicholls
    Date: 29/10/2013.

    Daughter of Arthur Nicholls and Rene Nicholls

    Family History


    My Name: michael stokes
    My Location: coffs harbour,nsw,Australia
    email: mastoke@hotmail.com
    Name: Johnothan Bowerman
    Date: 08/01/2014.


    Alfred Taylor of Edwards Ave, South Ruislip


    I used to live at 1A Manor Gardens, South Ruislip, from 1959-1966, and now Live In Coffs Harbour.,NSW, Australia.

    I am looking to try and contact old friends and my neighbours who we backed onto in Edwards Ave, his name is Johnathan Bowerman, I think it was either 42 or 44 Edwards Ave.

    Alfred Taylor Lived further down The road at around 25-29 Edwards Ave, near the corner of Bourne Ave. Also Maureen George who used to live directly across the road from The Bowerman`s.

    My Name: Ruth Waterworth
    My Location: Harefield
    email: annewaterworth44@yahoo.co.uk
    Name: Katharine Memari
    Date: 11/01/2014.


    She was friends with Catharine Turk and Natalie Ertyl as well. We were in same class and were close friends.


    We used to go to Northwood (Potter Street ) school in Middx. Tried to find her before .Would love to hear from her. She moved to New Zealand.

    My Name: Anne Kimber
    My Location: Ruislip
    email: annewaterworth44@yahoo.co.uk
    Name: Penny Moss (Johansen)
    Date: 11/01/2014.


    Sharon king lived in nestles avenue Hayes


    Penny is an old school friend who lived at Bromley Crescent Ruislip Gardens. She used to play with Lyn and me. We lived at Acorn Grove and Stafford Road.

    My Name: Paul O'Brien
    My Location: Denmark
    email: mrmasken@gmail.com
    Name: Christine Fryer
    Date: 17/2/2014.

    Information: Anyone from the West Mead area of South Ruislip.


    I was born there in 1952, went to school at Deansfield primary and Junior then Queensmead. Lived there until 1965, then moved with parents to Weymouth, came back when I was 17

    My Name:     Douglas Wilkinson
    My Location: Necton, Norfolk
    email:      wrdsacct@gmail.com
    Name:       Mark Hoffman
    Date:       25/02/2014
    I think he was a medic at South Ruislip I think he attended the Harrow & Wealdstone rail crash in Oct 1952
    He was my sisters friend

    My Name: Philip Richards
    My Location: Bournemouth England
    Name: Raymond Jordan
    Date: 06/04/2014.



    My Name: Lita Townsend
    My Location: Kitchener, CANADA
    email: litatownsend@hotmail.com
    Name: Janet or Allun Brain
    Date: 05/05/2014.

    Allun or Janet, cousins on my husband's side.

    Visited Allun and Janet was a young lad in 1993.

    My Name: Mavis Reynolds
    My Location: Staffordshire
    email: mavis.reynolds@btinternet.com
    Name: Christopher Lewis
    Date: 23/05/2014.


    His parents were Chris and Violet Lewis he has two sisters Pat and Ann and lived in Flamstead Avenue the last time I saw him


    Family Ancestry

    My Name: Nigel Stockley
    My Location: Cairns, Qld Australia
    email: stockley5@hotmail.com
    Name: Helen Wesley, Maureen Parsons
    Date: 26/05/2014.


    That would be the girls single names as at Feb. 1949


    We were all mates as kids used to play with them until I left to go to Wilts., we all lived in Beechwood Ave. from 1938 and during the war.

    My Name: Robert (Bob) Norman
    My Location: Canada
    email: robertdnorman2@gmail.com
    Name: Dennis Woods
    Date: 25 May 2014


    Raymond Batt, Alan Scott, Joyce Burnell


    Dennis was an old Harrow Tech College friend and best man at my wedding in 1961
    Others are Queensmead School friends from 1952 to 1956

    My Name: Steve Williams
    My Location: USA
    email: Budroaux@gmail.com
    Name: Steve Williams
    Date: 05/27/2014.


    Doug Wilsey


    Old Buddy

    My Name: Phillip Hollingworth
    My Location: Hong Kong
    email: phillip@baydesignltd.com
    Name: Merfyn Penniston
    Date: 30/05/2014-


    Robert Wallace Charles Gore Lorna Pittock Cheery Holmes


    To find where everyone is now and other friends

    My Name: Lynda Roberts
    My Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
    email: lyndaroberts@sccoast.net
    Name: David John Scott
    Date: 16/06/2014.


    Trying to make contact with David John Scott or his children. David's last known address was 68 Broadwood Avenue, Ruislip.


    Trying to find my cousins.

    My Name: Tony & Sue Stockdale
    My Location: Cambridgeshire
    email: tonyandsue58@googlemail.com
    Name: John Feagan (Jack)
    Date: 04/08/2014.


    Looking for any information as he was my father, he was in the royal engineers 1942-43


    My Name: Sharon Richards
    My Location: United Kingdom
    email: rashy.richards@ntlworld.com
    Name: Tommy or Thomas Garrett
    Date: 28/08/2014.


    Because my husband is looking for his birth father after 54 years of being told nothing he would like to find him and any brothers and sisters he may have.

    My Name:     Terry Martin
    My Location: qld australia
    email:      tessagus1@gmail.com
    Name:       Liz Sinclair
    Date:       02/10/2014.
    used to work at usaf px South Ruislip [work mates] June Colin & boss Joe [Irish]

    Wonderful workmates and friends


    My Name: Brian Field
    My Location: Perth Australia
    email: brianfield@amnet.net.au
    Name: Barbara Martin
    Date: 17/12/2014.

    Why: School friend

    My Name: Nigel Stockley
    My Location: Speewah,Qld.,Nr. Cairns,Australia
    email: nigelstockley@y7mail.com
    Name: Helen Wesley
    Date: 10/03/2015.

    Information: Maureen Parsons

    Why: Used go play with them as kids during the war, in Beechwood Ave. Up to June 1949

    My Name: Keith Martin
    My Location: leeds west yorks
    email: keithmart@talktalk.net
    Name: Brian Taylor, George Boffin
    Date: 10/03/2015.


    Old friends

    My Name: Joe Davenport
    My Location: Villa Rica, Georgia, USA
    email: roga12@yahoo.com
    Name: Jim Newsom
    Date: 10/03/2015.


    Old friends

    My Name: Ian Taylor (added by daughter)
    My Location: Harrow Weald, UK
    email: K2bracken@gmail.com
    Name: Stan Gaffney or Stan Gafney
    Date: 03/04/2015.


    Stan and Ian were friends at Harrow County school approximately 1947 to 1949. Stan was a great fan of Stan Kenton


    I'm Ian's daughter. Ian talks of his good times with Stan all the time and really regrets losing touch. He would like to meet up, or at least know what happened to him.

    My Name: David Heath
    My Location: Ryde, Isle of Wight
    email: davidheath2209@talktalk.net
    Name: Nick Browne
    Date: 05//04/2015


    Old college friend. Chelsea college of art.

    My Name: Christopher Sinclair
    My Location: Isle of Skye
    email: christopher69@sky.com
    Name: John Mullins
    Date: 12/04/2015.


    I am looking for an old friend called John Mullins who used to live in Herlwyn Ave, Ruislip. We were old friends while I was in the RAF at Uxbridge. he will be in his early 60s now.

    My Name: Donna King
    My Location: Aylesbury
    email: donnatroke03@gmail.com 
    Name: David Peter King
    Date: 06/05/2015.


    He lives in Ruislip I'm insure where I believe he occasionally drinks in Sweenys he lives with his sister Angela King


    He's my dad and I lost contact with him many years ago.

    To: info@ruislip.co.uk
    Subject: Data posted to form 1 of http://www.ruislip.co.uk/tryingtofind/reunitedform3.htm

    My Name: Brian Kingsley
    My Location: Bagshot, Surrey
    email: accentor72@gmail.com
    Name: Daphne J. Gilbertson nee Daphne Brining
    Date: 18/05/2015.

    Daphne lived in Broadwood Avenue, Ruislip about 1966/70 with her parents, father's name Fred Brining.

    One of our gang. Wondering where she is now, for old times' sake.

    My Name: Howard O'Neill
    My Location: Florida
    Name: Nelson Johnson Jr
    Date: 15/06/2015.


    I was stationed at Ruislip from 1965 to 1967. I had a housemate and friend named Nelson Johnson and would like to contact him. He was in the Air Police.


    Haven't seen in over 40 plus years. Plus I am God Father to his daughter. Last contact date was in 1966.

    My Name: Phil Ansah
    My Location: Cardiff
    My e-mail pa123@hotmail.co.uk

    Date Today: 27/07/2015
    Looking For: Samantha Walker

    Reminiscing over old holidays with friends!! 1993, Swanage, Dorset

    My Name: Bill Ward (Billy Willis)
    My Location: Annapolis, MD, USA
    My E-mail address: Wjsgk@verizon.net
    Date Today: July 18, 2015

    Looking for: Christopher Unsworth, Colin Taffel, Pauline Brown, Brenda Westray, Gillian Jones, Brian and Ian Goodlad, Mark Bass and other classmates

    Looking to reacquaint with classmates at Newnham Junior School in Eastcote in early 1960's. Lived on Cardinal Road in Eastcote until my parents emigrated to US in 1964.

    My Name: Ian Evans
    My Location: Garbolisham Norfolk
    My e-mail address 00evans@bridgetevans.plus.com
    Date Today: 22 July 2015

    Looking For: Colin Phillips


    Colin lived at 46 Royal Crescent, Old friend, 1968 Royal Crescent

    My Name: ill Jennings
    My Location: Sarasota, FL USA
    My e-mail address billandroz@gmail.com
    Date Today: 03/09/15

    Looking For: Peggy Madden


    Just would like to reconnect after many years. I left Ruislip in December 1966

    My Name Alan Walker
    My Location Peterborough
    My e-mail address Alan50walker@gmail.com
    Date Today 24  09  2015
    Looking for Evelyn Saggers


    School friend

    Ruislip Manor secondary modern any one remember Mr Hayward 1965,
    Ruislip Manor in the 1966 or 1967 she worked next to the train station

    My Name: Mike Cullen
    My Location: Powys Wales
    email: cavmike@talktalk.net
    Date: 14th. November 2015
    Name: Geoff Davie / Jean Stamp

    Information: Anybody at Queensmead School in the Class of 1956, if they are still around. I'm now 75 years old

    Why: Old School friends what are they doing now???????????//

    Dates:1956 at Queensmead School

    My Name:     Mike Cullen
    My Location: Powys, Wales
    email:      cavmike@talktalk.net
    Date:       17/11/2015
    Name:       Jeannette Davies ( Jeanette Davies )

    I left Bourne Secondary and joined Queensmead in 1953.We were the first secondary school to take GCE's so I stayed on for fifth form with, I think 6 other guys and about a dozen girls if I remember right. 1956 was a very good year !! Anybody from that class still around ?? If so you'll be in mid 70's now. 1956 @ Queensmead School

    My Name: Lesley Dodd
    My Location: Gloucestershire
    email: lesley.brain@yahoo.co.uk
    Date: 27/11/2015
    Name: Whitear


    Any member of the Whitear family or any friend who can supply information on this family for my genealogy research.
    Julia Negus, Diane Cresswell, Janet Davies, Colleen McLean all ex pupils at Field End School 1956-61


    Family Research - Whitear family or anyone who can give me any information on them
    plus contact childhood school friends to help with memories.


    1956-1961 Field End School
    1930's to 1960s re any relatives of, or memories of, Whitear family living in Victoria Road, Ruislip.

    My Name: Carol Parker
    My Location: King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
    email: cparker49@hotmail.com
    Date: 12 January 2016
    Name: Marty Kramer, Mike McCann (Bimbo)


    I do remember Mike McCann but saw Marty's article on the site but the email link did not work (see above)


    I used to work at the Gate, Northwood as a part-time barmaid from 1968-71 approximately and we used to have a lot of American Servicemen in from the South Ruislip airbase. I also used to go the infamous parties in Frithwood Avenue, Northwood. I also worked at the BBC at the same time as a secretary and did take a couple of them (whose names I cannot now remember!)a tour of the TV Centre in Shepherds Bush. Would love to catch up with anyone who remembers those days and reminisce.


    1972 approximately. Northwood

    My Name: Nicola Parris
    My Location: Spain
    email: nicola.parris@yahoo.co.uk
    Date: 23rd January 2016
    Name: Douglas Kerr-Harnott


    I know he is trying to find out information about his father's upbringing. My great grandmother brought his father up, so I can pass on information and photos if he's still interested.

    My Name: Allison Whylry
    My Location: Ruislip
    email: allybarber1@hotmail.co.uk
    Date: 29 Feb 2016
    Name: Allison Stratford ...Virginia Eccleston


    As far as I can remember you both lived down Trenchard Ave ...RAF camp ...we went to Ruislip Gardens junior school together ...you got posted and we lost contact. ...I'd love to know how you are x



    My Name: Elizabeth M. Baker
    My Location: California
    email: ebiltd181410@gmail.com
    Date: 3/14/2016
    Name: Lloyd W Baker, Jack A Long


    Hello, I am looking for anyone who knew Lloyd Baker or Jack Long. Lloyd was my father and Jack was the best man at their wedding. I found a lot of really nice wedding pictures - would like to send them to him or his family.


    This would be around 1956

    My Name:     Keith Woodman
    My Location: Berkhampstead, uk.
    email:      cootius@gmail.com
    Date:       28/4/16
    Name:       Frankie Scupien (Frances Scupien)
    People who left Queensmead school in 1977

    Frankie was my best mate & I would love to know how he is & what he is doing these days, along with my old school mates.

    My Name: Ray Taylor
    My Location: Australia
    email: jeanie.bean@skymesh.com.au
    Date: 16.04.16
    Name: Brian Clark


    Brian and I went to school together at Ruislip Manor Secondary Modern.His step father took us both on a trip to Italy in the early 1950's, one that I've never forgotten. It was great.


    It would be great to touch base with Brian and his step father if he's still around.


    The last time I recall meeting Brian in the late fifties. We'd sometimes bump each other at Ruislip Gardens station---He was an apprentice "Bricky" I'd be off to Acton tech. I was an apprentice Fitter and Turner at ACI

    My Name: Peter Spencer
    My Location: Stroud
    email: petervspencer@googlemail.com
    Date: 18 April 2016
    Name: Maureen Philips


    We were at Bourne together. I used to walk with her to the athletics track in Ruislip.


    Maureen was my first girlfriend, I remember her showing me her first pair of red Louis heels.it would be really great to make contact again.


    At the Bourne in about 1957

    My Name: Chris Warren
    My Location: Somerset
    email: nerrawsirhc@hotmail.com
    Date: 21Jun2016
    Name: Paul Butler, Trevor Carter, Pete Levick (Peter was traced to St Albans)


    All members of West London Travellers in the 70s


    Around 1977

    My Name: Gill Christie
    My Location: London
    email: gillianachristie@gmail.com
    Date: 10th August 2016
    Name: Raymond Martin


    Also Marie Hinton or Mae Martin who used to live at 16 Rockley Road, Shepherds Bush, London W12.


     I believe they were old friends of my Father.


     Between 1952 and 1960 on the USAF base South Ruislip, certainly January and February 1957.

    My Name: Phillip Hollingworth
    My Location: Hong Kong
    email: phillip@baydesignltd.com
    Date: 22/8/16
    Name: David Ireland


    John Ireland




    1963 Ruislip

    My Name: Lynda Rockhill
    My Location: Arizona USA
    email: Lyndauk@icloud.com
    Date: September 5 2016
    Name: Brian Perry

    Why: Good friend

    Dates: 1978

    My Name: Sue Fairnington
    My Location: Ruislip
    email: sue.barber@blueyonder.co.uk
    Date: 14 09.2016
    Name: Patricia Quinn

    Patricia Quinn -(maiden named) lived in Sharps Lane Ruislip and married - Patricia had a family and lived in Southcote Rise Ruislip and then moved near Highgrove Swimming Pool -I believe her husband was called Dave

    Would love to catch up with Patricia we grew up in the same road

    My Name: Katy Wallis
    My Location: Dorset
    email: Katywallis19@yahoo.co.uk
    Date: 25.10.2016
    Name: Bob Reynolds

    Why: Relative

    Dates: Known to have links to Northolt in the 70's. Thought to be born around 1937(give or take 5 years either way). Was a sailor / seaman. short with blue eyes and blonde hair.

    MyName: Jackie Deering nee Power
    MyLocation: Ireland
    email: jackiedeering086@eircom.net
    Name: Kay Martin nee Till


    Lost address book years ago. Kay was very kind to me when I worked in Heinz and Hewlett Packard. Uxbridge during from 1987- 1990. Would love to reconnect



    My_name:  Margaret and Pete Williams
    My_location: Hayes Middlesex
    email:  Mummymags48@icloud.com
    Trying to find:
    Roger and/or Josie West  - Old friends from Woodville Gardens area of Ruislip
    Roger was last known, working at Priors Garage on Ickenham High Road, Josie worked at 'The Swallow' public house, on Long Lane.
    Any news appreciated.

    I would point out they were brother and sister

    Submitters name: Terry Collett
    Present location: Near Brighton
    email: t.collett723@btinternet.com

    Looking for

    Anthony Abbott
    Colin Ford
    Barry Dow
    Peter Duffy
    Anthony Smith
    Ian Burgess
    John Mason
    John Lambourn
    Mick Mills

    All from Potter Street, Secondary Modern, circa 1955

    Submitters name: Steve Williams
    Present_location: Eagletown Oklahoma USA
    email: Budroaux@yahoo.com

    Looking for

    Donnie Ladd - Douglas Wilsey- Clyde Brooks - Debbie Brossaeu - Kit Higgins - Capt. James Heinz - Richard Costello

    Anything else:


    Submitters Name:  Stuart Hardy
    Present location: West Sussex
    email:            srevogel@aol.com
    Looking For:
    Anyone who would remember my farther Alan Hardy, His Brother Bill (William)  or my mother Pat ( Patricia) from Ruislip 1940 onwards..
    Really trying to find or anyone who would have known Bill as lost touch When I was very Young.

    1940 onwards

    Submitters_name: Yvette

    Present_location: Australia

    email: yve1965@hotmail.com

    Looking_For: Richard Montgomery

    I am looking for information about Richard Montgomery who was stationed at Ruislip in 1955. (I don't have information stating how long he was there)

    He met a woman in Hillingdon called Pauline Sullivan and she gave birth to a baby boy in 1955. (who is my husband)

    My husband has never met Richard & we have no idea if he is still alive or not. Richard was from OHIO.

    If anyone has any information (even the smallest amount) PLEASE contact me. Thank you

    Submitters name: Jackie Smith
    Present location: usa
    email: birdie.d.333@gmail.com

    Looking For: John McDermott

    John McDermott was living in the Ruislip area around 1969 and was in a possible relationship with a woman named Patricia Darling or at that time her name may have been Patricia Hyder. He may have been in the USAF. He is potentially my birth father.

    Submitters name: Graham Swindon
    Present location: Cornwall
    email: grahamswindon@hotmail.co.uk

    Looking For:

    I wish to contact any member of the family of Raymond V Foster, husband of Marianne nee Coo, and father of Jonathan and Jennifer. This concerns Ernest Victor Coo. I am researching an incident that happened during WW2 and would love a photo of Ernest - preferably post war. Ernest Coo was a resident of Ruislip. He died in 1987. His daughter, Marianne, married Raymond Foster and they lived (or possibly still live) in Ruislip, too. I think that Raymond was/is a genealogist.

    Submitters name: Laurie Nelson
    Present location: Chesham. Buckinghamshire.
    email: laurie.nelson@hotmail.co.uk

    Looking For: Barry Walters. Barry had the nickname of Mole.

    Anything Else:

    1965 at the Manor Secondary Modern School. Ruislip, Middlesex.

    Submitters name: Birdie D Samples
    Present location: USA
    email: dsamples78@gmail.com

    Looking For: I am looking for a gentleman named John McDermott. He possibly was from New York originally, Albany.

    Other persons: He was in a relationship with Patricia Darling (maiden name) or at the time her name may have been Patricia Hyder. She was from England living in the Hillingdon area.

    Anything else: 1968-1969 would have been when they were acquainted.

    Submitters name: Peter Hart
    Present location: Wiltshire
    email: peterhart16@hotmail.co.uk

    Looking For: Sally Hart. (Chew)

    I need info on marriage and divorce dates and places please does anyone remember Pete and Sally?
    Pete was stationed at RAF Northolt 77 to 80.  Last seen in 1981.

    Submitters name: Nicholas Salter
    Present location: Hull
    email: Nick.salter77@hotmail.co.uk

    Looking For: Daryl Harnot  - My last contact was around 2015

    Submitters name: Robert Dashem
    Present location: Pennsylvania U.S.A.
    email: robertdashem@gmail.com

    Looking For: John P. Buck

    other persons: Tony Held , Ronald Sullivan , Ron Sweeney

    anything else: October 1963 - October 1966. We were all in the 1969th Comm. Squadron at South Ruislip AB and worked at Hillingdon and West Ruislip


    Submitters name: James Bromley
    Present location: London
    email: jbsharedmail@gmail.com

    Looking For: Paul Turner

    anything else: Used to live in Dulverton Road Ruislip, ran me when I raced Karts and always helped me with my Alfa Romeo.

    Submitters name: Colin John Rowlands
    Present location: Germany
    email: colin.rowlands@gmx.de

    Looking For: Toni / Tony who was a musician in the Ruislip area about 1960 - 1962. He met my mother Jean and were friends for a few months, until I was born in 1962 Oct. Then they split up, i am trying to find him, he was Italian maybe that would help.





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