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Local schools section index

Below are lists of schools that are in Ruislip, or those that would have been attended by children living in and around Ruislip.

The list WAS thought to be comprehensive (sorry for the pun) but new schools, long since closed, keep cropping up. So if you have a school to add, advise Ruislip Online! 

There are message boards on some school pages so you can leave notes and try to contact old friends. If there is no message board for your old school as Ruislip Online if you can post to the main page to try to contact previous school friends or try Ruislip Reunited

If you wish you could write the intro for your school.

For Primary Schools (still open!) there is a page here with recent inspection reports

Senior School Name Brief intro
Bourne Senior Based in what is now Ruislip Gardens School, and renamed as below...
(South)bourne Southbourne Gardens, Eastcote. Always known locally as "Bourne" this school has been knocked down and replaced with a housing estate.

School message board on Ruislip Online is here

Haydon In Wiltshire Lane, Northwood Hills but a large number of Ruislip children go/went there. The school was formed by merging St Nicholas and St Mary's Grammar schools (see below)
Manor / Bishop Ramsey Part off Eastcote Road, part located near Highgrove pool. Church school.
Northwood School (inc. Potter Street) Potter Street it was, but went up market and changed its name to Northwood School. 

School message board on Ruislip Online is here

Queensmead In Victoria Road South Ruislip, in the 70's this school had a bad name, not so today (2012), one of the more sought after locally.
Ruislip College A college which it appears took children from aged 3!
Ruislip High School Ruislip's newest school opening in September 2006, the link is to an external site.

Was famous even before it opened as the TV series The Inbetweeners was partly filmed there.
Ruislip High School Prior to the one in Sidmouth Drive there was one in the heart of Ruislip from 1935 - 1960
St. Mary's  and St Nicholas' Girls grammar school in Wiltshire Lane now part of Haydon and, St Nicholas' revered boys grammar school run more like a public school, with beatings the order of the day during the reign of Dr. Watson!

Message board on Ruislip Online is here


Junior/Infant/Primary School Brief Intro
Bishop Winnington Ingram Was on Eastcote Road on a concrete plinth, moved to Southcote rise.
Bourne Primary School In Station Approach South Ruislip, long since gone from this address and now in Cedar Avenue, where it moved in 1962.
Breakspear School Actually in Ickenham, so very few residents of Ruislip would have gone there. Links to external site.
Broadwood School Small school in Kingsend
Deanesfield Near Queensmead, in Queens Walk in South Ruislip.
The Damien School Pembroke Road, very little known.
Field End School No prizes for guessing it is in Field End School. Attended by many from South Ruislip and Eastcote
Gateway School Bury Street, then to King Edwards Avenue. Very little known
Ickenham High School Private school in Ickenham used by Ruislip residents
Kelvin House School Very little known, off Ruislip High Street. Closed around WWII
Lady Bankes School Listed building in Ruislip Manor, Art Deco style, exciting on the outside and about as dull as it gets inside.

School message board on Ruislip Online is here

Lady Bankes Eye Nursery Independent pre-school on the site of Lady Bankes School. Links to an External Site
Harlyn School Links to an External Site
Hawtrey House Run out of a house (or two) in Hawtrey Drive, Ruislip. Now back as a private dwelling.
Loads of information!!
Meadowside School Was in Pinn Way, closed around 1953
Ngong School Very little known, not even where it was!!
Parkside Montessori School Very little known, was in Myrtle Avenue.
Peter Pan Nursery School Short Lived Nursery in South Drive
Rosehill Kindergarten Small pre-school in West End Road
Ruislip Gardens In the 'Gardens estate

School message board on Ruislip Online is here

Sacred Heart Catholic school in Herlwyn Ave.
St Bernard's Primary Primary school situation at the back of the shops in Ruislip. 
Information requested!
St Swithun Wells Small School in Hunters Hill, South Ruislip
Warrender School  New(ish) School in Old Hatch Manor Links to External Site
Whiteheath In Whiteheath Drive off Ladygate Lane, the caretakers house is worth seeing!

Or send me an e-mail  with your suggestions for me to add more.

Ruislip local schools index page

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