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Breakspear Arms, 
Breakspear Road South
, Harefield, Uxbridge UB9 6LT
Telephone 01895 632239


This was knocked down some years ago (around 1974) and this modern building built to replace it. 

Initially this new pub did well, but a change in management and it began to decline. Since its opening heydays it has had trodden a somewhat interesting path. 

At one point the interior was made to look a bit like a night club, indeed it even had a dance floor, but the success of that was short lived, mainly because it was refused a late licence. It was at this time that it suffered it's biggest identity crisis. But unlike other pubs locally that have changed their name only to change them back again (see The George) this pub kept its name but changed its names' roots!

The whole "Breakspear" thing in this area (well mainly Harefield) surrounds Nicholas Breakspear who, in 1154 found himself elected as Pope (the only Englishman ever to be so elected). As Pope he took the name Adrian IV. His short pontificate (he died on September 1st 1159, aged 59) is the reason for the roads named after him locally as he was thought to have been born in Harefield. (If you are reading this and live in Abbots Langley then I really know he was born there, at Bedmond Farm to be precise).

So the Breakspear Arms was was named after England's only Pope, but not while it was a "nightclub", at this time the sign that hung outside showed a spear broken in half, yet it retained its name when really it should have been the Break Spear Arms. 

Having been changed back from a night club in to a pub again it has passed through a few breweries and once formed part of the Hungry Horse chain. It then went in to a private tenancy under " the stewardship of Darren and June and in about 2012 changed in to a "Gastro Pub" having been totally refurbished and now offers both Indian and English cuisine.

Where it is, by road - see a map

On the outskirts of Ruislip. From the centre of Ruislip follow signs to Harefield/Rickmansworth (or Breakspear Crematorium). These will take you on to Bury Street. Leaving Ruislip High Street the road climbs a small hill then descends in to a dip, there are houses on both sides and you will pass The Plough on your right. In the dip to your left is a petrol station (not to be confused with what was a petrol station on your right) and just before it a mini roundabout with a left turn. This is Breakspear Road, turn left here. Pass the crematorium on your right and follow this road to the end, passing The Woodman. The pub is on the right at the junction, turn right and right again to access the car park.


Telephone Number - 01895 632239

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Access via public transport

Not great. H13 from Ruislip tube to the stop just before Ruislip Lido on Bury Street and then walk up Breakspear Road from there following the signs for the crematorium, continue past it and past The Woodman, and keep going to the end of the road, total walk about 3/4 mile. Or take the 331 and alight from the stop at the end of Ladygate Lane more or less where it meets Breakspear Road, turn left at the latter (the bus goes right). This second option brings you nearer to the pub. There is now a continuous pavement on this road.

Pub Crawl Potential

Not bad, but a bit out on a limb. Best bet is to start here, walk back towards Ruislip down Breakspear Road to The Woodman, (where the recent addition of a pavement along this stretch is most welcome) back to Bury Street and left up to the Six Bells (The Six Bells actually closed down in about 2015), then down Reservoir Road (almost opposite the Six Bells) to the Waters Edge and if time allows return from the Waters Edge to Bury Street and turn left up to The Plough (Where you might NOT be able to have just a drink as is is mainly a restaurant). Total walk between pubs a little over one mile and you finish this crawl very close to where the H13 dropped you off! Alternatively it stops right outside the Waters Edge.



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Anything special? 

Well the building itself is unusual, for one thing inside is a mass of, mainly, right angles and it has various split levels, but under one very high ceiling inside (well sort of) and interesting lighting effects with windows in unexpected places. When it was new it was quite something. "Improvements" over the years have rather spoilt the effect the architect was striving to achieve and now the spacious light and airy feel that was present has been lost, with a lowered ceiling and doors sectioning off areas. When little cubby holes are what were sought this building did just that, but in a really clever way. However, the design had a serious flaw, no garden. A small one has now been tacked in at the front behind a "distinctive" green fence (see picture) but with the available space around this pub this was a serious flaw in the design, and it could have been done so easily when it was built, and put away from the road which would have been much better. There is a fenced children's play area by the car park.

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