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The form below actually does not work, this page keeps getting spammed so I have left the form there so the spammers will keep on using it and actually to add a link
you should click here



You can add a link here for free, the only conditions are that your web site has some sort of connection with the local area, now by that we mean that you can have a Middlesex connection, a connection with airports (say) and feature Heathrow or Northolt, but sorry, if you just sell a product and want to appeal to customers far and wild this section is not for you! You might find an advert works, hit the link above.

Every request is treated on its merits, you WILL be advised if it goes live and you ARE requested to link back to Ruislip Online. To do this see the confirmation page after completing the form below.

To sum up, you can add a link here from Ruislip Online provided your web site has something to do, specifically, with Ruislip or the local area. Otherwise forget it!!

Please note:- We will NOT link to Myspace (or similar) sites. If you complete in ALL CAPITALS we will just ignore it, so do not bother!

Your name (not shown on the link)

The NAME of your web site

(this section will be used as the link text
(the blue underlined bit people click on))

The URL of your web site

(This is the http://www.mywebsite.co.uk  bit - do NOT forget to quote the address IN FULL INCLUDING the http bit - which we have put in for you)


The section you want your link to go in to, you can only choose one and we reserve the right to move it in to a more appropriate one should we think you have chosen incorrectly

Details to show against your link

Max 150 characters ONLY. Just basic LINK info, not costs, meeting details, business details etc. ROL may modify if we think what is written is unsuitable.


Your e-mail address

If this address bounces your link WILL BE REMOVED
(Please note we reserve the right to add your e-mail address to our mailing list, you can always come off the e-mail list once you are on it and you will probably get about six e-mails a year)


To try to cut down on SPAM please type teh word Ruislip in the box opposite


Any comments you might like to pass over to Ruislip Online that are NOT for publication on the site.

Please read these terms and conditions

Ruislip Online (ROL) will add the link as it feels appropriate.

This is not a contract, ROL may modify, move or remove links at any time and for any reason.

ROL will check links from time to time and any that have stopped working will be removed without warning

Your site MUST have a direct connection with Ruislip or the local area.

ROL does request a link back, and you agree to try to make this happen! We may remove links where we think this could have happened without a problem! (and we do check!!)

ROL may vary these terms.

ROL may add your e-mail address to its e-mail list (although you may come off this AFTER you have had your first mailing, expect about six e-mails a year)



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