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Ruislip Lido

 Below are a number of pictures that Ruislip Online has acquired showing views around Ruislip Lido. Some of this are copyright to Ruislip Online and some are not. All are shown here as they are of historical interest and not out of any financial gain.

If you would like to use a picture shown here for any reason, or think you might own copyright to one or more of them please contact Ruislip Online

You may have some pictures in your loft showing views from yesteryear around the Lido, if you have, and would like to see them featured here for all to see then please contact Ruislip Online.


This is a very early shot of the main building at the Lido that was subsequently destroyed by fire and replaced by the Waters Edge From the table with the cloth on it at the front it is clear that the picture was being taken on a "special" day.


The picture to the left was almost certainly taken on the same day as that above.

The picture to the left is remarkable in that it is, on the fact of it, identical to the one below, but with a little more detail. It dates from either 1945 or 1946.

Another shot taken, it would seem on the same "day".

A very early picture of the Lido Railway. It is just possible that this is the earliest known picture in existence. 

Please note that Ruislip Online holds copyright to the four pictures shown immediately above.




rampling.jpg (51975 bytes)

See Charlotte Rampling at Ruislip Lido!


The link will take you to a third party site - be warned this picture is most likely covered by copyright and that does NOT belong to Ruislip Online!

Skiing at the Lido


Jane Eichner at the Lido in 1963 or 64

A 1946 Picture of the train

1946, and some VERY happy children!
(and who can blame them?)

1946 and the motor launch

From 1938, note the background (!)

And another from 1938

1945 shot of the train

From 1947. It would seem that you could take a paddle boat right out in the the lake!

A bus on the way to the Lido
Picture from 1963
Picture from 1963
Picture from 1963
Picture from 1963
Lido, with no water!!!
Baked Lido mud (Puddle clay??)
Lowered Water Levels
Boats, 1989
Waiting for the rain to stop.....1989.........
August 1963
Lowered water levels
Lowered water levels
Bus pictured outside Ruislip Lido
Fred Bennett on life guard duty in the late 60ís
Fred Bennett on life guard duty in the late 60ís
Fred Bennett front left, Charley Wiltshire behind him and Fred Lavender far right.  Can you name any others?
Paddle boats
A sunny day.....
The trellis where once roses grew
The rowing boats
A single decker 114 at Ruislip Lido
The note below the card reads "Boat House, Ruislip Reservoir, Northwood".
Not sure Ruislip was ever in Northwood!
A very early postcard of the Lido
Ruislip Reservoir near Northwood



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