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A Rough Guide

A rough guide to buses trains in and around Ruislip.


FIVE Tube stations

We have FIVE tube stations in Ruislip (and no night tube!), no suburb of London has more.


Odd hints and tips

Things like where the easiest changes are, stations within a shorts walk, how to get to mainline stations an easy way etc.


Ruislip's Ghost Train

Ruislip has it's very own Ghost Train, read how you can find and ride it.


Links below are to external web sites and open new windows.



Excellent London Transport web site




Get an Oyster Card even if you are only coming to London for a day. Without it transport around London is a rip off. Or pay with contactless credit card.


Standard Tube Map

Opens .PDF file showing the tube map we all know and love


All Lines Map

Opens .PDF map showing all the lines you can use with your Oyster Card....and there are LOADS!

Click image for JPG map


Ruislip Buses

Ruislip ONLY bus routes map.


Night Buses

The 114 is now 24hr on Friday and Saturday and you can get close (Northolt and South Harrow nearest) other days



Tube Status

See panel left for present tube line status

To get back to Ruislip on a Friday and Saturday night from Central London after the "normal" trains have finished get the 24hr Jubilee Line train to Queensbury and the 114 bus.


Mystery Link

This link will take you somewhere you may well not even know existed on the Ruislip web site



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