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The Krogers

Spies spied from Ruislip during the cold war, and got caught doing it!


Manor Homes

The housing estate that is Ruislip Manor


Eastcote MOD

Bletchley Park? Forget it. The Enigma code was cracked in Eastcote


The Rich and Famous

A Who's Who of the well known that have graced us at some point.



Why Crown Buildings nearly fell down, and other interesting facts on the soil structure


Strange Water Pumps

The day the Lido ran dry, and other associated stories of the area.


Bits and Bobs

Old pictures of things around Ruislip that are, in the main, long gone. Plus a few "strange" extras including the day a plane landed at mistake!


Ruislip Postcards

Hundreds of old postcards of Ruislip and its environs.


Ruislip Ghost

Did somebody really film a ghost at South Ruislip in 2013?? You decide.



THAT Vase!!

The curious saga of a multi million pound vase sold at an auction house in Ruislip, then the buyer refused to pay, and it finally sold for millions less.


Old Adverts

Hundreds of old adverts from around 1939

Mystery Link

This link will take you somewhere you may well not even know existed on the Ruislip web site


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