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Kings End South and North Car Parks

NOTE: Sections of this car park are locked up overnight.

(Kingsend North and South)

Click on all images for an expanded view

General view of the car park

This end is towards the long stay section (height barrier open to "Waitrose" part)

Long stay section

Long stay charges

Typical machine

Looking from the long stay towards Waitrose

Long stay, looking empty

Pay here!

Waitrose instructions for a refund

Waitrose section charges

Waitrose itself

Don't park in the access way from Kingsend!

The access road at the rear of the store - don't park here. Staff only

The foot access passage from Kingsend

This is actually TWO car parks, and it is called Kingsend as you used to get in to it from there then they built a bloomin' great supermarket in the entrance road, and shifted the way in to Wood Lane, now the only access to Kingsend is on foot. Changing the name would seem to have been too much of a challenge when they made the new entrance signs.

The larger car park serves, in the main, Waitrose, and is NEVER free, nor is the long stay one at the end farthest away from Waitrose. Waitrose will refund your payment if you spend a certain amount in-store, currently £10. (correct 2012)

NOTE: Sections of this car park are locked up overnight.

Operator Hillingdon Council
Charge See images above, prices are  discounted with
Hillingdon First Card but you MUST always pay, even if shopping at Waitrose.
How much See this page for latest tariff or for the long stay section go here
Access From West End Road turn up Wood Lane opposite the entrance to the Barn Hotel. The entrance is just over the railway bridge.

Sections are locked up overnight, don't get trapped inside!!

General comments Generally used by shoppers at Waitrose, so a good turnover of cars. YOU MUST PAY, even if shopping, and apply for a refund in store (see above). The long stay is quite small, the "Waitrose" section is really big.
Will I find a space? Yes in the Waitrose section, the long stay is small but perhaps underused so you might be OK.

All information correct as at March 2018, and offered in good faith, but should not be relied upon and you MUST check on the day you arrive for tariffs etc.

ALWAYS get a ticket and display it if you park in a chargeable car park and park carefully in ONE space.

NOTE: Sections of this car park are locked up overnight and after the store closes on Sunday.

Please report any changes to Ruislip Online

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Of course your car should only been seen in this car park with a Ruislip Online car sticker

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