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Title Author Comments  
Ruislip Past Eileen M. Bowlt Hardcover

An excellent history book about the Ruislip area. Lots of pictures and easy to read.

Ruislip D. Fowards Paperback BUY-IT
Bygone Ruislip and Uxbridge Dennis F. Edwards Hardcover BUY-IT
Tropic of Ruislip Leslie Thomas Paperback

The famous fiction book about suburban activities!

Operation Whisper Barnes Carr Meet Morris and Lona Cohen, an ordinary-seeming couple living on a teacher's salary in a nondescript building on the East Side of New York City. On a hot afternoon in the autumn of 1950, a trusted colleague knocked at their door, held up a finger for silence, then began scribbling a note: Go now. Leave the lights on, walk out, don't look back. Born and raised in the Bronx and recruited to play football at Mississippi State, Morris Cohen fought for the Loyalists in the Spanish Civil War and with the U.S. Army in World War II. He and his wife, Lona, were as American as football and fried chicken, but for one detail: they'd spent their entire adult lives stealing American military secrets for the Soviet Union. And not just any military secrets, but a complete working plan of the first atomic bomb, smuggled direct from Los Alamos to their Soviet handler in New York. Their associates Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who accomplished far less, had just been arrested, and the prosecutor wanted the death penalty. Did the Cohens wish to face the same fate? Federal agents were in the neighbourhood, knocking on doors, getting close. So get out. Take nothing. Tell no one. In Operation Whisper, Barnes Carr tells the full, true story of the most effective Soviet spy couple in America, a pair who vanished under the FBI's nose only to turn up posing as rare book dealers in Ruislip, where they continued their atomic spying. The Cohens were talented, dedicated, worldly spies―an urbane, jet-set couple loyal to their service and their friends, and very good at their work. Most people they met seemed to think they represented the best of America. The Soviets certainly thought so.  
Secret Eastcote Andy Weller Paperback

What went on at the old MOD site at the end of Lime Grove???
Buy it from the page here

Eastcote Connections


Andy Weller This book paints a picture of over thirty individuals or families carrying either fame or being notable people that have lived or worked in Eastcote since the times when Eastcote was a hamlet within the parish of Ruislip to the more recent times when Eastcote developed pretty much as we see Eastcote today. This Friends of Eastcote House Gardens Community Archive publication is the first time that a description of such people has been brought together in such a way in a single publication.

Featured are those of historic importance whether that is locally, nationally or indeed internationally. Eastcote has been connected with notable people from all walks of life be they artists, classical or popular musicians, actors, theologians, war time heroes and inventors, diplomats, financial giants sportsmen or sportswomen or from the secret world of intelligence gathering and others as well. There is something for everyone and not just those with an interest in history.

All proceeds go to the Friends of Eastcote Gardens
Buy it from the page here
The Black Horse Story Andy Weller and Radhika Kharbanda The story behind Eastcote's oldest pub Buy it from the page here
Eastcote House and Gardens Andy Weller The story behind the old Manor house and the gardens today. Buy it from the page here
Haydon Hall's Forgotten History Andy Weller A full history of Haydon Hall and details of who lived there is now told in this Friends of Eastcote House Gardens Community Archive publication. Buy it from the page here
A-Z Street Plan of Harrow, Ruislip & Edgware Geographers' A-Z Map Company Paperback

A street map of Ruislip and the surrounding areas.

Goodliest Place in Middlesex :
History of the Ancient Parish of Ruislip from the Domesday Book to Modern Times
Eileen M. Bowlt Paperback

An indepth (technical) book about Ruislip. This book has lots of details about the people and property of Ruislip. Brilliant for researching and understanding how Ruislip started from a small farming community, to a large London suburb.

Highways and Byways:
10 Walks Around Historic Ruislip, Northwood and Eastcote
Northwood & Eastcote Local History Research Group Ruislip Paperback

A small book with ideas for walks around the Ruislip area.

Ten Walks Around Pinner:
Including Ruislip, Northwood, Eastcote, Rayners Lane, North Harrow, Hatch End, Harrow Weald
Joanne Verden Spiral-bound

History of the Bells of St Martin's, Ruislip R.D. Andrews Paperback

A small book about the church bells of St Martin's, the church on the High Street.

Around Ruislip Maria Newberry Archive photographs  
Around Ruislip: People and Places Eileen Bowlt Around Ruislip People and Places" illuminates many fascinating aspects of Ruislip, Northwood, Eastcote, Harefield and Ickenham in years gone by. The anecdotes range from medieval times when Ruislip boasted a small castle and numerous mysterious moats were scattered along the valleys of the River Pinn and Yeading Brook, to a First World War munitions factory, a Cold War American airbase, and pioneering medical research at Mount Vernon, Northwood, in the twentieth century. Characters from the area's history, both well known and long forgotten are brought back to life, while the stories behind individual streets and buildings are also explored. Eileen Bowlt's new book will be essential reading from anyone interested in the history of this part of Middlesex.  
Chiltern Take Two DVD Driver's Eye View: Paddington to West Ruislip (class 50) & Marylebone to Banbury. (DMU) Narrated by Philip Hayton. This shows the old Great Central/Great Western Joint line running through High Wycombe and Princes Risborough etc. The joint line actually starts at Northolt Junction in Middlesex and runs to the one time Ashenden Junction in Buckinghamshire. Both the GWR and the GCR built their own connections to this joint line, the former out of Paddington and the latter from Marylebone. Here we experience them both, starting out from Paddington aboard what was in 1989, the only passenger train of the day still to use the old GWR link. The 18.12 commuter express hauled by class 50 "Ark Royal" takes us via Old Oak Common West Junction through Greenford to Northolt Junction ("Take One"). "Take Two" shows the GCR link from Marylebone aboard a first generation DMU (class 115). At the time of filming this was London's last Terminus to be signalled by semaphores. This time we go right through Northolt and all the way to Banbury. The high spot, is High Wycombe which was little changed since steam days and boasted an amazing array of points and semaphore signals. Along the route there are also snippets from within many of the mechanical and power signal boxes just before the total route modernisation swept most of them away. Written by Tony Parkins of Chiltern Trains. Running time - 94 minutes DVD only  
Ruislip, Eastcote and Northwood During the First World War Tanya Britton This fascinating volume, the result of seventeen years of research by a Hillingdon historian, contains a comprehensive look at the Home Front in Ruislip, Northwood and Eastcote. What were the duties of the Special Constables? Where were wounded residents treated? What was health like during this time? Was housing affected by air-raids, or by overcrowding? Richly illustrated, and with full details of the lives, and deaths, of each of the local men who fell during the conflict, it commemorates the magnificent sacrifice and the unbreakable spirit of the residents of Hillingdon during one of the greatest conflicts the world has ever seen.  
What the Grown-ups Were Doing Michele Hanson 'Laced with Michele Hanson's characteristic chutzpah and humanity, What the Grown Ups Were Doing evokes in compelling detail a claustrophobic but defiant suburban childhood of the 1950s'
--David Kynaston, bestselling author of Austerity Britain

'A funny, touching memoir that immerses the reader into 1950s society in an exploration of her Jewishness' --Stylist

'This is a memoir that catches the flavour of the times as felt from within... A tender tale of a young Jewish girl growing into an understanding of her noisy, quarrelsome and passionately alive family' --Joan Bakewell, Observer

`With a twist of wit, Hanson good-naturedly tells it like it awkwardly was in Fifties suburbia for a tentative but tomboyish teenager' --SAGA magazine

'She writes fluently and delightfully about suburban life in the Fifties as if it were yesterday... Beneath the surface, many of the families who seemed averagely dull and conformist were in fact averaging dull and conformist. Some weren't, as What the Grown-ups Were Doing eloquently and hilariously reveals. Often, it transpires, what the grown-ups were doing was each other'
--Sunday Telegraph

A quiet and secluded spot: Ruislip, Northwood & Eastcote 1851-1881 Colleen A Cox Publisher: Ruislip, Northwood & Eastcote Local History Society (1991)
Mad Bess Woods Nicci Rae If you go down to the woods today..........

For New Yorker Gus Freeman, a visit to England fulfils a lifelong dream - and breeds a lifetime of nightmares!
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